Gazing Strategic Relationship Management(Professional Services Edition) -Becoming a Trusted Partner, not just a Service Provider

Many Professional Services Firms, i.e. accountants, lawyers, auditors, management consultants and others, are realising that they should invest more effort into building relationships with their important and profitable clients. Most firms will have a high proportion of business with a small number of clients. In highly competitive markets, and with new, emerging service provider models, it becomes a business-critical challenge to retain existing major clients and win work from others.

Key clients obviously need a great deal of attention and they need to know what else you can offer them! But how can firms get partners to really adopt best practices in strategic relationship management? When partner teams are under pressure to deliver immediate results, it's very hard to focus on building those critical, high quality, long-term relationships. Conventional approaches to strategic relationship management rarely help, because they are nearly always too complex and time-consuming to be implemented effectively.

Unlimited People Consulting, a licensed provider for Gazing Performance Systems, and Avuka Training and Coaching have jointly developed a practical, yet highly effective training solution for Professional Services Firms based on Gazing’s proven, global key account methodology.

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Our approach gives participants a practical perspective on building and managing relationships in large/complex clients to retain and generate additional advisory work, offering these immediate benefits:

  • Training focused on the client’s mindset;
  • An emphasis on measurement and Return on Investment; and
  • A methodology and framework.

The methodology is based on:

  • Cognitive behavioural principles underpinned by strong theoretical research;  
  • System design – 1-page maps and tools;
  • Maps – both big picture and details; assists with control of attention; and
  • Tools – ‘How to’, practical, related to business situations.

In terms of your organisation's wider objectives, what do you stand to gain from working with Gazing’s Relationship Management’s Professional Services Edition?

We'll deliver a more strategically focused approach to account management that will:

  • Make a difference from day one - balancing the burden of introducing a new system with quick wins
  • Help maintain the intensity of your account management teams - motivating them to look beyond short term targets
  • Give you a real competitive advantage - by enabling you to understand and respond proactively to your client's longer term objectives and priorities

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