Business Coaching for Lawyers - An affordable way to achieve faster, better results

Why using business Coaching
as a lawyer?

You can use a lawyer business coach to develop your practice for many reasons:

  1. If you're leaving your firm to start your own solo law practice, you'll find working with a professional lawyer coach especially rewarding and profitable and benefit from a trusted and experienced sparring partner. Your practice goals will be achieved sooner and with greater ease than going it alone.

  2. You may need to overcome some limitations that are blocking you from effectively marketing and promoting yourself.

  3. As a partner in a small or large law firm, coaching will assist you to develop your leadership skills within your firm and in the many organisations, in which you are involved. This includes but is not limited to a more effective supervision, management and mentoring of staff and associates.

  4. As an associate or senior associate, coaching will be of great benefit to accelerate your move up on the partnership track.

  5. As a new salaried or equity partner, you will be empowered to plan and strategise a more successful transition from associate to partner.

  6. Independent of your seniority, it will assist you in developing strategies to deal with change in the legal profession, sharpen your management skills and refresh your enthusiasm.

In principle, a business coach assists lawyers to determine how to attract better clients, get more organised, improve client services, manage more effectively, and make more money.

Typical law practice management areas that our business coaches can help you with are: 

  • Planning, including writing a business plan and budget

  • Identification of your practice services

  • Winning more work you want ito more billable hours ("Go-to-Market strategies")

  • Time keeping and management

  • Marketing your practice

  • Networking and self-promotion

  • Client development, communication and retention

  • Billing and collection practices

  • Organisational management and leadership

  • Process improvement, including legal project management techniques

  • Delegating and managing junior lawyers and staff

  • Increasing confidence

  • Working smarter, not harder

Which areas can I discuss with a Lawyer Business Coach?

How does a Lawyer Business Coach work?

Business coaching is an on-going, long-term partnership between you and your business coach that results in steady progress towards your professional and personal goals.

The lawyer business coach:

  • Promotes effective discussion and ideas that keeps one focused;

  • Motivates, supports and encourages without judgment; and

  • Offers a means of consistent, thoughtful follow up.

Business coaching sessions are efficient, confidential and typically occur once per week or every other week in a one-on-one situation, either in a personal meeting, by Skype call or phone and, typically, won't last longer than sixty minutes.