We develop client-specific branding solutions that are based on Best Practices in Professional Services and offer the best “value for money”.

Madubandlela logo CMYK.png

Client: Adine Abro Attorneys (www.adine-abro.co.za) - small law firm with a focus on the construction industry


  • Development and production of an electronic brochure that can, if required, be printed and handed over in face-to-face meetings. The brochure sections (executive summary, services and client quotes, contact details) should be re-usable as individual pages for pitches

  • Corporate Identity (logo, colours, fonts) already existed. Drafting of text, including value propositions, revision of client quotes, etc was done by us.

  • The brochure was completed within two weeks including feedback sessions.


  • Client-centric, state-of-the-art-client communication collateral

Cover page and executive summary

CV and contact details

Client quotes and services

Services and added-value offering

Client: madubandlela Enterprises (www.madubandlela.com) - Empowered start-up in Lubricant Distribution business for Mining, Automotive and other sectors


  • Design and development of Madubandlela’s entire Corporate Identity (CI guide, logo, letterhead, business cards)

  • Hands-on support for the set-up and production of its “sales basics” (PowerPoint overview presentation, website as a “digital business card”, corporate profile/1-pager)

  • Drafting of all texts

  • All design work in black & white and three colours (for cost effectiveness)

  • Visuals all sourced as royalty and CCL-free


Graphic for Powerpoint presentation

Graphic for Powerpoint presentation