Avuka partners with StrictlyLawBusiness to deliver the first day of the inaugural SLB Strictly Law Business Academy

Avuka partners with StrictlyLawBusiness to deliver the first day of the inaugural SLB Strictly Law Business Academy

From 4 to 6 July 2019, the first SLB Strictly Law Business Academy took place in Lagos. Convened by Busola Ajala, the academy fopcus on management topics relevant to Nigerian law firms of all sizes. Avuka, represented by its Director Ignaz Fuesgen, was honoured to be entrusted with the programme of the first day, looking at Business Development, Pricing and Sales tactics.

Avuka contributes to AFBA Annual Conference in Port Harcourt (6-10 August 2017)

Ignaz Fuesgen, director at Avuka, will join the panel on "Law Practice Reforms - how necessary are they and how far should they go" (7 August) at the African Bar Association's 2017 Annual Conference in Port Harcourt , Nigeria, from 6 to 10 August 2017.

In addition, he will conduct a 3-hour workshop for young attorneys on "Law Firm Economics for Future Leaders" (9 August).  

CCASA Workshop: New Delivery Models and Services of Legal Departments

The workshop will take place on 27 July at the Wanderers Club, Illovo/Sandton. Please find more details and booking information here.


Today’s in-house legal departments find themselves in a rapidly changing legal and business environment, facing challenges such as having to reduce legal spend, with limited resources, while still delivery quality, efficient legal services. Two delivery models and services are particularly important in this shifting landscape that rely on expertise that one isn’t necessarily exposed to when following a legal career:

  • Legal Project Management (LPM)
  • Lobbying and Advocacy

Be it legal work being executed and managed in-house, or delegated to external counsel, there is an increased demand for legal departments to understand, track and manage their work, within budget, maintaining compliance, and managing risk. As the scope and volume of legal work increases, legal project management tools and techniques are being applied to manage, control and report.

Turning to new services in the in-house legal team’s portfolio, lobbying and advocacy are highly ranked. Our South African Constitutional democracy actively promotes the idea of public consultation. Understanding the commercial, political and socio-economic landscape, and correspondingly shaping perceptions and contributing to the development and enhancement of policies and regulations has become a key priority for locally active private and public companies. Identifying the right balance between economic interests, empowerment and good citizenship is a skill for every corporate in South Africa.

Attendees of the workshop will benefit in the following ways:

  • Understand what LPM is, what its objectives are, and what benefits it offers legal teams
  • Be introduced to LPM’s key concepts, terminology and processes
  • Be aware of how LPM can be introduced to your company
  • Understand the definition of lobbying and advocacy
  • Be shown the SA legislative process and where there are opportunities to contribute
  • Be introduced to methods and tools to engage the public opinion on legal and regulatory issues

CCASA: Optimising your Procurement and Pricing of External Legal Services Workshop

We are honoured to present the workshop "Optimising your Procurement and Pricing of External Legal Services Workshop" to members of the Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa. 

Please use this link to get to the detailed agenda and booking form

Doing “less for more” – an almost pervasive mantra in the corridors of in-house legal departments these days. Undoubtedly, increasing efficiency will result in being able to focus on more strategic work. More importantly, it reflects the pressures faced by in-house legal teams to align the department with increasingly higher expectations of adding more value as an enabler and offering a more sophisticated service portfolio to corporate operations whilst reducing expenditure.

The appropriate quality of partnering with external legal counsel is instrumental and requires an iterative improvement process led by the in-house legal department.

This workshop will deal with two core elements in that regard:

  • Identify and achieve the “right price” (value for money) for external legal advice; and
  • Change the way of working with (preferred) outside counsel and panel firms

Topics covered include:

  • The current evolution of the Legal Department from tactical to strategic buyers of legal services;
  • Insights into current trends and applicable models in pricing of legal services;
  • Preparation to engage in a pricing discussion (scope, balance and change management);
  • Steps to introduce or enhance external legal procurement processes in relation to (preferred) legal suppliers and procurement panels.