Free breakfast seminar: Innovative Talent Management – Solutions for Law Firms and Alternative Legal Service Providers

Please join us for a morning seminar on 4 May 2017 (7h30 - 10h00) at LexisNexis South Africa, 124 Western Service Road, Building 9, Harrowdene Office Park, Woodmead 2191. The seminar is free of charge.

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Lawyers and law firms are no longer doing the same things they used to. Increased access to legal knowledge, changing client demands, the impact of Legal Tech, and the emergence of alternative legal service providers, has led to a dichotomy, which legal industry analyst Jordon Furlong refers to as legal work (not requiring a lawyer or where the lawyer is peripheral) versus lawyer work (only a lawyer can do it).

Adding our specific South African and African transformation agenda, the overall impact on traditional law firm business and staffing models is fundamental. Which skills will be relevant to the next generation of rainmakers? And which to those new specialists in law firms that focus exclusively on improving processes and systems, data analytics, etc.? How do you assess the current status quo and measure the Return on Training Investments? Which (digital) means are best suited to educate your staff quickly and effectively? Where are the knowledge platforms of the future? How do we ensure even better, profitable and task focused performance under pressure?


7h30 for 8h00                    Registration

8h00 - 8h10                         Welcome and Introduction
(Jeetesh Kathawaroo, Director at Avuka Training and Coaching)

8h10 - 8h30                         Closing the Skills Gap – HR development in the context of government structures and individual law firm needs (Cuen Sharrock, Director at LucentSea)

8h:30 – 8h50                      Performance under Pressure – From Red to Blue
(Suzette Serfontein, Director at UPC)

8h50 – 9h10                        Contemporary e-Learning Best Practices (Simon Bryant, MD at ProVersity)

9h10 – 9h30                        Talent acquisition in Africa (Scott Cowan, CEO at AfricaLegalJobs)

9h30 – 9h45                        Introduction to LexisNexis’ Practical Guidance Labour offering (Jonathon Balkind, Practical Guidance Manager at LexisNexis South Africa)

9h45 – 10h00                     Q&A and closing (Ignaz Fuesgen, Director at Avuka Training and Coaching)

We would like to thank LexisNexis South Africa for hosting and supporting this seminar!