Press Release - Avuka Training and Coaching has been launched today - training solutions for Professional Services

For immediate release on 26 August 2016

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Press Release

Avuka Training and Coaching has been launched today featuring Leadership, Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility training solutions specifically for Professional Services Firms.

A portfolio of exclusive and innovative, internationally-recognised and local training, coaching and publication solutions, addresses relevant, topical areas in the Professional Services industry.

Johannesburg, 26 August 2016. Avuka Training and Coaching, a Johannesburg-based provider of quality and comprehensive training, coaching and publication solutions for the Professional Services industry, launched its first innovative and Africa-exclusive training offering today.

Jeetesh Kathawaroo, co-Founder and Director of Avuka explains the rationale behind the new platform: ”As Executives leading departments and teams in the Professional Services industry, we have been always on the lookout for appropriate third party training offerings for our senior and junior team members. What we found was never enough, and often patchy and always just short of being exciting.” His co-Founder and business partner Ignaz Fuesgen adds: ”Eventually, we decided to stop complaining and start changing things. The idea of Avuka Training and Coaching was born.”

Avuka will focus exclusively on training solutions that are of high quality and relevant to Professional Services. For the launch, it will offer Professional Services Marketing certificates and diplomas issued by the renowned UK-based Chartered Institute of Marketing in cooperation with the Cambridge Marketing College for the first time in Africa.

Kiran Kapur, CEO of Cambridge Marketing College, comments: “Africa has been the missing piece in our global coverage. Avuka’s founders with their deep roots in Professional Services are the perfect partners to deliver our programmes in Africa for the benefit of a growing sector.” 

A second training solution featured as part of the launch will be the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Leadership Programme (“Certified CSR-Professional”) designed and delivered in partnership with Imbeleko-Yesizwe, a leading consultancy in the space of Corporate Social Investment. The programme puts strong emphasis on the question how to gain ‘good corporate citizen’ status and nonetheless achieve measurable returns from social responsibility.

Teressa Malevu, Managing Director Imbeleko-Yesizwe, comments: ”Corporate social responsibility is an essential function within a Professional Services business.  More and more, clients are demanding that business acts responsibly towards the environment and communities from which they draw resources. Consequently, Professional Services firms are subject to a dynamic regulatory environment where compliance management is essential: either due to statutory requirements (e.g. the South African Amended B-BBEE Codes) or as a requirement of global best practice and good corporate governance.”

The third launch solution will be the IM|possible Leadership programme, a range of breakfasts, half-day and 2-day workshops focusing on pressing leadership issues faced by young graduates who have just started their career in Professional Services. Delivered in partnership with Eragon Consulting, this offering acknowledges the requirements of a comparatively young and highly diversified workforce, which is tasked to perform according to global advisory standards.

Tracey Kotzen, CEO Eragon Consulting, confirms: “The IM|possible Leadership range of talks and workshops was developed expressly for the purpose of obliterating long-standing barriers to entry for female and previously marginalized young graduates, taking their first steps into the Professional Services industry. The name of this range of topics is a play on words which calls for candidates to challenge their perceptions of what may be possible by becoming the living example of a person who has successfully broken through a barrier to entry and achieved success within their sphere of influence.”

About Avuka
Avuka Training and Coaching is a Johannesburg-based provider of comprehensive and quality training, coaching and publication solutions just focused on the needs of the Professional Services industry. The deep understanding of what professionals in legal, tax, audit, management consulting and other Professional Services require constitutes the foundation of Avuka’s offering. Serving clients in Africa and Europe, Avuka is committed to advancing growth in the Professional Services industry.