Press Release: SLTA partners with LPM training provider Avuka

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The Swiss Legal Tech Association SLTA welcomes Legal Project Management training provider Avuka as a new partner

The Swiss Legal Tech Association (SLTA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Avuka Training and Coaching (Avuka), a recognised and accredited international training and coaching services provider, in relation to Legal Project Management (LPM).

SLTA recognises the growing demand amongst its members and ecosystem partners for leveraging legal project management principles and practices to enhance the delivery of legal services. The partnership with Avuka will address the demand.  SLTA’s members will benefit from priority access to internationally recognised LPM training, coaching and certification.

14 August 2019, Zurich.

Legal Project Management (LPM), “the application of project management principles and practices to enhance the delivery of legal services” as defined by the IILPM, is a methodology that combines project practices, technology enablement and process improvement techniques and people leadership. It focuses on providing the highest degree of transparency, client focus, efficiency and cost-control related to the legal matter management process. Fairly new to Switzerland, LPM has been introduced as a philosophy and methodology by the leading global law firms over the past years.

Through the partnership with Avuka, SLTA’s members will gain access to a broad pool of international LPM experts and expertise as well as training and certification according to the standards of the International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM), of which Avuka Training and Coaching is an Accredited Training provider (ATP).  

Christoph Küng, Co-Founder and President SLTA comments: “Law firms, alternative legal service providers and legal in-house departments in Switzerland must seek new ways of streamlining their legal service delivery. Rendering responsive, efficient, transparent and relevant legal services to business is non-negotiable to any participant in the legal sector. LPM is the lever to fully exploit the potential of Legal Tech to accomplish this objective.”

Luis Soares, Executive Board Member and Head International Relations SLTA says: “Our ambition has always been to benchmark SLTA’s approach and membership services against what is regarded as highest global standards of excellence in legal service delivery. We are glad to fill this gap in relation to LPM now with our new partner Avuka.”

Ignaz Fuesgen, Managing Director, Avuka Training and Coaching adds: “LPM is a journey of continuous improvement of legal service deliveries. Legal Tech combined with LPM practices will drive and expedite the evolution of the legal sector.”

About SLTA

The Swiss LegalTech Association (SLTA) is a neutral, non-profit association which offers a frame for those groups to create value together.

We support the legal industry with a better understanding of the legal technology market. We foster the development of Switzerland as a hub for legal technology. We are publicly recognized as the industry representative and have a consultative voice on relevant legislation.

About Avuka Training and Coaching

Avuka is an international training and coaching services provider to in-house legal departments, law firms, alternative legal service providers and legal tech companies in Europe and Africa. Its focus is on Legal Project Management (LPM) and corresponding aspects of service portfolio optimisation, process improvement and technology enablement. Apart from training and business coaching, Avuka provides templates, guides and other publications in relation to LPM.

Avuka is an Accredited Training Provider (ATP) for Legal Project Management in accordance with the International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM), a global certifying body for Legal Project Management. It offers both the Legal Project AssociateTM (LPA) and Legal Project PractitionerTM (LPP) certifications, and Diploma level qualifications, for lawyers, in-house counsel, paralegals, practice managers and legal consultants to promote their level of competency in legal project management. The Institute is in operation since February 2017 and has certified lawyers in 38 countries.


Luis Soares, Head of International Relations
Swiss LegalTech Association SLTA

Phone: +41 76 205 8178


Ignaz Fuesgen, Director
Avuka Training and Coaching

Phone: +27 60 500 1095