CCASA: Optimising your Procurement and Pricing of External Legal Services Workshop

We are honoured to present the workshop "Optimising your Procurement and Pricing of External Legal Services Workshop" to members of the Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa. 

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Doing “less for more” – an almost pervasive mantra in the corridors of in-house legal departments these days. Undoubtedly, increasing efficiency will result in being able to focus on more strategic work. More importantly, it reflects the pressures faced by in-house legal teams to align the department with increasingly higher expectations of adding more value as an enabler and offering a more sophisticated service portfolio to corporate operations whilst reducing expenditure.

The appropriate quality of partnering with external legal counsel is instrumental and requires an iterative improvement process led by the in-house legal department.

This workshop will deal with two core elements in that regard:

  • Identify and achieve the “right price” (value for money) for external legal advice; and
  • Change the way of working with (preferred) outside counsel and panel firms

Topics covered include:

  • The current evolution of the Legal Department from tactical to strategic buyers of legal services;
  • Insights into current trends and applicable models in pricing of legal services;
  • Preparation to engage in a pricing discussion (scope, balance and change management);
  • Steps to introduce or enhance external legal procurement processes in relation to (preferred) legal suppliers and procurement panels.