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The word “avuka” with its roots in Zulu, pronounced [aˈvuːɠa], and Hebrew, spelt אבוקה, relates widely to the ideas of “awakening”, “rise”, “shine” and “glow”.

Our deep understanding of what professionals in Legal, i.e. in-house legal, private practice, alternative legal services and legal tech, require to excel in their day-to-day jobs and, additionally, to develop the business strategically constitutes the foundation of our management-focused solutions.

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Legal Project Management -

Are you looking ways to accelerate your legal project management (LPM) education? Are you recognising the marketing power of being internationally LPM certified by an IILPM-accredited training provider covering Europe (focus on Germany, Switzerland and Austria) and Sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Nigeria)? More →

Business Coaching for Lawyers - 
An affordable way to faster, better results

You are seeking a sounding board or a second opinion from someone you trust and talks from experience? Perhaps business coaching for lawyers and in-house counsel is something for you?
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First Applied Legal Project Management Training in Düsseldorf/Germany

Join our upcoming Applied Legal Project Management (Angewandtes Juristisches Projektmanagement) in Düsseldorf on 24-25 September (in German language).

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