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The uniqueness of the Professional Services sector, its fast-paced, collaborative governance structures and ongoing quest for the brightest minds requires more than a handful generic talent management ideas. 

The word “avuka” with its roots in Zulu, pronounced [aˈvuːɠa], and Hebrew, spelt אבוקה, relates widely to the ideas of “awakening”, “rise”, “shine” and “glow”.

Based on our executive experience gained in some of the largest law firms and consultancies, we offer you a compelling set of solutions to assist our your specific talent management requirements.

We speak your language, understand your business environment and address your daily needs. 

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Seeking a qualification that counts: CIM professional services Marketing

Find out more about our unique offering that brings a globally accredited and industry-specific qualification by the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing to sub-Saharan Africa.

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More Return on Training Investments: Skills Spotlight Professional services

We have teamed up with LucentSea to develop a tool for your training needs analysis that is cost-effective, easy to deploy and includes pre-configured job roles for Professional Services Firms and in-house legal departments.
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