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The word “avuka” with its roots in Zulu, pronounced [aˈvuːɠa], and Hebrew, spelt אבוקה, relates widely to the ideas of “awakening”, “rise”, “shine” and “glow”.

Our deep understanding of what professionals in Legal and other Professional Services require to excel in their day-to-day jobs and, additionally, to develop the business strategically constitutes the foundation of our management-focused solutions.

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Legal Project Management -

Are you looking ways to accelerate your legal project management (LPM) education? Are you recognising the marketing power of being internationally LPM certified by an IILPM-accredited training provider covering South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria and Swaziland?
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More Return on Training Investments: Skills Spotlight Professional services

With deep regrets, we have decided to discontinue this solution as our valued business partner and friend Cuen Sharrock, founder and managing director of LucentSea, has fallen victim to a terrible lethal bike accident. We support donations to his legacy trust in favour of his two children (https://minetrak.nimbustech.biz/).

Business Coaching for Lawyers - 
An affordable way to faster, better results

You are seeking a sounding board or a second opinion from someone you trust and talks from experience? Perhaps business coaching for lawyers and in-house counsel is something for you?
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CIM professional services Marketing

Find out more about our unique offering that brings a globally accredited and industry-specific qualification to Sub-Saharan Africa.

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